When it comes to the word “Comics” there are two main possible meanings:

  1. A language
  2.  A job

The activities include the divulgation of comics as a form of language and as an instrument facilitating communication among people from deeply different geographical areas and as a possible innovative job. 

The activities will be carried out in collaboration with Oblò APS and Karge Comics Studio.

We will realise multiple activities.

Training courses on future comic trainers

The courses will explore specific areas in order to learn all different aspects and comics techniques through international teachers, experts of the different explored sectors. 


Setting up a comics circulation circuit by offering support to an independent production. 

Promoting at the international level and through exhibitions and publications, Iraqi comics creating a communication network with other international realities. 


Contributing to the development of international exchanges among young people through visits, delegations and common activities.

International Festival

Realisation of an International Comics Festival in Iraq with international artists to valorise Iraqi comics.