Coordinated by the NGO Walking Arts – Art, Culture & Heritage and by Associazione Ya Basta Caminantes with the contribution of CCFD – Terre Solidaire

On-going project started in December 2019

General Objective

Developing the NGO Walking Arts by promoting activities organised by Iraqi artists to promote rights and freedoms.
Promoting youth leadership through trainings on artistic languages for social purposes and through the creation of new employment possibilities.

Specific Objectives

NGO stabilisation with the opening of an office and with the creation of the website
Start of a professional training path on the use of artistic languages to be used in cases of social marginalisation.


Activation of the NGO office in Dohuk.

Realisation of the website .

Training on the use of artistic languages in cases of social marginalisation

Implemented Activities

In December 2019 a training on the use of different artistic languages with social and therapeutic purposes took place in Sulaymaniya. It lasted 3 days and young boy and girls coming from different zones of the country participated.

The training was held by international experts through interactive web conferences and each session was followed by debates and exchanges.

Alessio Surian from Padua University made an introduction on musicotherapy. Bruno Lovadin, director of Bel Teatro, talked about the role of theatre in the field of disabilities. Chiara Patronella and Ivana Di Stefano, musicians and psychotherapists, specialised in musical didactic, faced the thematic of methodologies to use music with people in special needs and those suffering from strong psychological traumas.

The project acts in synergy with: ARTE PER IL SOCIALE with the contribution of the cosmetics company Lush Italia and with HERE, NOW, TOGETHER – SOCIAL ARTS with the contribution of FAI – Fondation Assistance Internationale