Coordinated by the NGO Walking Arts – Art, Culture & Heritage and Associazione Ya Basta Caminantes with the contribution of the ethic cosmetics company Lush Italia.

On-going project started in October 2019


1 – Developing the NGO Walking Arts favouring networking activities among Iraqi artists to promote rights and freedoms.

2 – Promoting youth leadership through trainings on the use of artistic languages with social and employment creation purposes.

3 – Promotion of a global active citizenship with artistic languages and building relations and experience exchanges.


Objective 1
a- Legal registration of the NGO
b- NGO stabilisation through the opening of an office in Iraq and through the development of the website

Objective 2
Realisation of musical and artistic residences.
Realisation of training courses on the use of comics as a form of language.

Objective 3
Realisation of
WALKING SOUND Italian Tour #2
Beginning of activities aiming at the realisation of the
CD Walking Sounds #2
Publications in Italy of pamphlets dedicated to Iraqi comics.

The project acts in synergy with: WALKING SOUND ITALIAN TOUR #2, with the contribution of Fondazione Charlemagne and WALKING SOUND #2 with the contribution of Padua Municipality, ARTE PER IL SOCIALE financed by CCFD – Terre Solidaire and the project HERE, NOW, TOGETHER – SOCIAL ARTS with the contribution of Fondation Assistance Internationale – FAI.