Grow Up Together

Coordinated by Associazione Ya Basta with the contribution of Regione Veneto


Un Ponte Per…

Comunitá Monastica Deir Mar Musa

Azady Industries

Becco Giallo Edizioni

Libreria Zabarella

Associazione Professionalità dello Spettacolo Bel Teatro

Comune di Padova

Comune di Mogliano Veneto

The founders of the NGO Walking Arts – Art, Culture & Heritage actively participated to carry out the project.

General Objective

Promoting women’s and children’s rights, more in the detail promotion of the right to education, right to professional trainings so that social cohesion among the different ethnic and religious groups in Sulaymaniyah could be improved ((Syrians, Yazidis, Shabak, Turkmans, Shiites, Sunnis, Christian) through a major involvement of the Kurdish population. 

Specific Objectives

Contributing to improve women’s employment situation and conditions. 

Encouraging the access to basic rights (like education and professional trainings) for Syrian refugees. 

Encouraging community initiatives in Youth Centers.  


A) Support to education

B) Training for teachers on psychosocial support 

C) Focus groups with families on the right to education for children and young people
D) Kurdish language courses
E) Promoting women’s and children’s rights through music and comics workshops
G) Professional training for women and young people

Artistic activities carried out 

In April 2018 two music workshop coordinated by Luca Chiavinato were carried out. The first one took place in Arbat Refugee Campa while the second one at Deir Mar Musa Monastry in Sulaymaniyah.

At the same time, a comics workshop directed by the comic artist Claudio Calia took place in the Monastry as well.