Walking Sounds Tour #1

Coordinated by Associazione YaBasta Caminantes- Padova with the contribution of Padua Municipality – Department of Peace, Human Rights and International Development Cooperation and Mogliano Veneto Municipality.


Un Ponte per…

Officina 31021  – Mogliano Veneto (TV)

Oblò APS

Xena – Centro scambi e dinamiche interculturali

Il Barrito

The founders of the NGO Walking Arts – Art, Culture & Heritage actively participated to carry out the project.

The project finished in 2018

General Objective

Valorising artistic languages for the promotion of human rights and a peace culture. 

Specific Objectives

Promoting the importance of exchanges and of international development cooperation.

Strengthening knowledge on the Iraqi situation in the Paduan community and more specifically among young people. 


Realisation of an exchange of an Iraqi Delegation in Padua and in Italy.

Realisation of activities in schools and university and other events opened to the public.

Activities carried out  

In the first week of November 2018, an Iraqi Delegation composed by three Iraqi musicians Niwar Ismat Issa, Saman Fakhradin Abdulkareem e Zhalyan Karim Ahmed arrived in Italy. 

Different debates on the on-going situation in Iraq were organised.

Among them, in Padua University: Master Human Rights and Multilevel Governance, led by professor Paolo de Stefani, English is a global language with Francesca Helm and Movimenti Sociali nel Mediterraneo (Social Movements in the Mediterranean area) with Giuseppe Acconcia. In high schools:  Music High School Marchesi and Maria Ausiliatrice High School.

Public concerts: Padua – the Iraqi musicians played with Luca Chiavinato, Silvia Rinaldi, Francesco Ganassin, Sergio Marchesini, Dario Bano and Aisha Ruggieri at Teatro San Clemente and another one in Mogliano Veneto.

During the events, the exhibition “Mesaha Comics – Storie a fumetti dall’Iraq” coordinated by Oblò-APS and proposing comics realised during a workshop led by Claudio Calia in Sulaymaniyah, was moved each time.