Walking Sounds Tour #2

Coordinated by Associazione Caminantes – Padova and financed by Padua Municipality – Assessorato alla Pace, Diritti Umani e Cooperazione internazionale (department of Peace, Human Rights and International Development)


Fondazione Charlemagne

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Walking Arts – Art, Culture & Heritage Baghdad

Oblò APS.

Project finished in 2019


Promoting the importance of international cooperation to develop a peace culture through meetings and debates among citizens and a delegation of young Iraqi artists – the founders of the NGO Walking Arts, considered an excellent example of art powers when treating complex issues like social cohesion and employment creation in post-conflict contexts.



Realisation of meetings with Paduan high schools, Padua university and citizens.

Realisation of a concert and a music workshop with the young Paduan musicians of Jam Migrants.

Realisation of a booklet with Iraqi comics.

Activities carried out

The Iraqi Delegation composed by Saman Kareem, Niwar Ismat Issa, Zhalian Karim Ahmed e Mohammed Abdullah Ahmed Almakhedher arrived in Padua on October 30th.

A variety of debates have been organised to inform on the Iraqi social and cultural situation at Libreria delle Donne, at “Centro” in Ponterotto and at the siege of “Coalizione Civica” in Padua.

On November 2nd a concert at “Barco Teatro” took place with “New Landscape” musicians Luca Chiavinato, Francesco Ganassin, Silvia Rinaldi and Sergio Marchesini. Another concert was held in Mogliano Veneto.

On November 4th a music workshop took place with the Iraqi Delegation and Paduan musicians. It was concluded with a Jam Session.

Furthermore, debates have been carried out at Padua University for some specific courses: Innovation and Social Services, English as a Global Language and for the Master in Human Rights and Multi-Level Governance.

During the initiatives mentioned above, Poster Comics Iraq – including comics realised during the workshops in Iraq led by the Paduan comic artist Claudio Calia and Karge Comics Studio – was distributed.

The project acts in synergy with Walking Sounds Italian Tour #2, with the contribution of Fondazione Charlemagne e Walking Arts – Arte per la coesione sociale – financed by Lush – an ethic cosmetics company.