Art in Action

With the contribution of CCFD – Terre Solidaire

General objectives
Promote youth leadership by developing the NGO Walking Arts, with the opening of a space for artistic sharing and the deepening of training relating to the use of artistic languages ​​for employment purposes
Contribute to social cohesion by enhancing the potential of artistic languages ​​in the expansion of rights and freedoms for the new generations.

Specific objectives and activities
A- Strengthen the NGO Walking Arts through the opening of an artistic co-working space in Duhok, which is a place for socializing, training and sharing knowledge, ideas and common projects.
B- Deepen training in audio and video techniques, through a learning by doing course with international experts for young Iraqis.

The Project acts in synergy with the Here, now together – Social Arts Project funded by the FAI Foundation

Coordinated by Association Ya Basta Caminantes ODV and Walking Arts – Art, Culture & Heritage NGO