Music activities have started i 2017 and they brought to the birth of the Ensemble Mshakht. Two years later, the necessity of setting up an NGO has been expressed in order to be autonomous in writing projects, managing activities and extending our intervention areas. Music is able to destroy all communication gaps and borders and, at the same time, it is capable of talking to the most emotional side of everyone. We will realise multiple activities.

Artistic residences 

The basic framework of an artistic residence includes a minimum of 5 days with 20 participants from 5 different cities at least. 

The artistic residence allow the creation of a concrete connection among the participants and makes them feel a real part of something bigger. The residence form itself offers the possibility of debates and confrontations going beyond the usual activities and trainings proposed.

Concerts and festival 

Local, national and international events allow a real valorisation of the Ensemble Mshakht and of the specific attitudes of the different groups and single participants. 

More specifically:

– Concerts at the local level, with the participation of local artists

– National concerts whose protagonists are musicians from a variety of different zones

– Italian and European tours with participants from the Ensemble Mshakht, as it was in the case of Walking Tour #1 in 2018 and Walking Tour #2 in 2019 in Italy

– Organisation of an annual festival during at least 3 days, each year in a different city hosting local and international actors

Trainings in music-therapy and didactics for people in needs
Trainings to be carried out at different levels with international trainers who will provide a selected group of musicians with the right instruments to work within the field of musico-therapy and special didactics for people in needs. The trainings will allow to acquire the necessary competencies to support psychologists and psychiatrists within the framework of the multiple projects on mental health implemented in the territory. 

Trainings for sound engineers
Trainings to learn microphone, recording, editing and mastering techniques in the field of discographic and cinematographic production.
Training to learn amplification techniques for concerts, conferences and shows of all kinds.

Realisation of a CD

Production of a CD to strengthen the idea of dialogue and social cohesion through music and other arts, as it was for the first production of the CD Walking Sounds in 2018.

Workshop for the production of musical instruments (feasibility study and opening of a pilot laboratory)
Making a feasibility and sustainability study to verify the possibility of opening a pilot laboratory for luthiers.