Walking Sounds


Coordinated by Associazione YaBasta Caminantes – Padova


Un Ponte per…

The founders of the NGO Walking Arts – Art, Culture & Heritage actively participated to carry out the project.

Project finished in 2018 

General Objective

Promoting artistic languages as a fundamental part of the process of social cohesion and valorisation of capacities and attitudes of new generations. 

Specific Objectives

Valorising the experiences of young Iraqi musicians.

Promoting artistic exchanges among Iraqi and Italian musicians.


Realisation of a CD with musical pieces proposed by the young musicians of the ensemble Mshakht

Promoting the artistic path of the young Iraqi musicians through the valorisation of the CD 

Activities carried out in the detail…

In July 2018, Luca Chiavinato, oud player and Dario Bano, percussionist, realised an artistic residence in Iraqi Kurdistan in the framework of “Fursa” project, entirely dedicated to building Youth Centers and coordinated by Un Ponte Per…

The musical pieces recorded during the workshop with Kurdish, Syrian and Iraqi IDPs musicians were arranged in collaboration with the Paduan musicians Silvia Rinaldi, Aisha Ruggeri, Francesco Ganassin and Sergio Marchesini, the “Associazione Bel Teatro” and with the technical support of Franz Suono.

The CD “Walking Sounds. Tracks from Iraqi Kurdistan to Italy” was produced by Caligola Records and it contains 11 pieces realised by 11 boy and 9 girls who gave birth to the ensemble Mshakht. 

In December 2017 the CD was presented both in Italy and Iraq. 

In the following months, some steps were taken to valorise the CD both at the national and at the international level, more specifically in music networks, broadcasts and specialised magazines.